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Kane County family law attorneyWhen a couple finally decides their marriage is beyond saving, one major concern most people have is how and when they should tell their loved ones. Individuals headed for divorce may feel ashamed that their marriage has failed or worried about how others will react to the news. While there is no perfect way to tell others that your marriage is ending, experts do have some advice to make the conversation go as smoothly as possible.

You Have the Power to Decide How Much Information to Divulge

Divorces can be full of deeply personal issues. If you are considering divorce or have already decided to end your marriage through divorce, you may feel pressured to explain yourself or your decision to others. However, the simple fact is that your divorce is no one’s business except your own. You are not required to tell friends or relatives any more than you feel comfortable telling. If nosey loved ones ask questions you are not ready to answer, politely tell them that you would prefer to keep certain information private.

Kane County divorce lawyersIf you and your spouse are considering or have decided to end your marriage through divorce, one of the questions you have probably asked yourself is, “How should I tell everyone?” While divorce is fairly common present day, many people still fear the judgement or disappointment divorce can bring. While there is no prefect way to tell others that your marriage is ending, experts do have some advice for making the conversations go as smoothly as possible.

You Do Not Owe Anyone an Explanation

Oftentimes, when a person tells friends and family the news of a divorce, the recipients of this information demand details. This can be very difficult for many people going through a divorce to deal with. You have the right to share or not share personal information about the divorce at your own pace. If people in your life are asking you to share more information than you are comfortable doing, simply say something along the lines of “I am not ready to talk about this yet, but thank you for your concern.”

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Kane County family law attorneyNo reasonable person gets married with the expectation that the marriage will end in divorce. While most people realize that divorce is a possibility—given that between 30 and 40 percent of marriages ultimately end that way—a marriage consists of two people building a life together. Unfortunately, relationships sometimes fall apart, even those that were formalized by marriage. When a marriage starts to fail, there are often warning signs that may be evident, and if you know what to look for, you may be able to save your marriage before it is too late.

Common Warning Signs

No two marriages are exactly alike, but relationship experts suggest that the red flags associated with failing relationships are often similar. It is important to remember that one or two such warning signs may not spell the end of your marriage, but the more there are, the worse off you may be. The most common signs include:

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Geneva family law attorneyGiven the current backlog in Illinois courts, many couples are choosing to forego the traditional court case when they divorce, opting instead for alternative methods such as mediation or collaborative divorce. There are multiple reasons that many are choosing to eschew the courts, but perhaps the most common is because mediation is arguably easier and less time-consuming. However, it is not for every couple, and doing research on the issue will help you decide what is best for you.

Advantages of Mediation

For many couples, the advantages of mediation are numerous. If you and your spouse are able to discuss issues amicably, mediation can be cost-effective and efficient, as you will essentially be drawing up your own divorce decree. The mediator is simply there to guide you and advise on any relevant points of law. If this is possible for you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse, you may be able to avoid the significant time and money investment, to say nothing of the psychological cost, of going to court.

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Kane County family law attorneyIf you are preparing to get married to someone who has children from a prior relationship, it is important to understand what may be in store for your future, especially if you do not have children of your own. While you may have taken on certain responsibilities and been accepted as part of the family while you and your partner dated, marriage is a very serious step. When you say, “I do,” you will become a stepparent, and, from that day on, you will have a very real impact on the lives of your spouse’s children.

A Package Deal

It may seem obvious, but many new stepparents seem to downplay or outright ignore the role that a child plays in his or her parent’s life. It is easy to get caught up in the euphoria a new romantic relationship with your partner and to only think about the children on occasion. You must remember that, no matter how much you love your partner, you are not just marrying him or her. For better or worse, you are also marrying into a pre-existing family unit. If you are not prepared for this reality, the new family dynamic could quickly spiral out of control. This means that you may not get as much one-on-one alone time with your partner as you would like, at least while the child is fairly young. Instead, you are likely to have a wider variety of family experiences

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