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Kane County family law attorneysOver the last few years, more and more public attention has been given to concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and related chronic conditions. Many such stories have been prompted by tragedies among professional and amateur athletes, as well as those who serve or have served in the armed forces. There is, however, another group of victims who suffer from traumatic brain injuries but who are often overlooked by the media. This group may, in fact, even suffer TBIs at a higher rate than professional football players, yet you probably seem some these individuals every day. They are victims of domestic violence, and their injuries may be more serious than many people realize.

Understanding Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur when there is some kind of blow to the head. A TBI can range from mild—with symptoms such as momentary loss of consciousness—to severe—with symptoms including an extended loss of consciousness and amnesia. In addition, these types of injuries can have an effect on a victim’s emotional, language, sensory, and thinking abilities. Other symptoms of TBI include aggression, decreased motor function, depression, double vision, headaches, imbalance, irritability, and issues with memory, learning, and planning.   

domestic violence health issue, domestic abuse, domestic violence offenders, Geneva family law attorney, intimate partner violence, medical health services, mental health services, order of protectionDomestic violence in the U.S. is at epidemic proportions. Every year, at least 1,200 women are killed in acts of domestic abuse and another 320,000 arrive at emergency rooms or a doctors offices with injuries caused by an intimate partner. It is estimated that domestic violence cost $8.3 billion annually just on medical and mental health services alone.

In a recent study, one in five men admitted to incidents of domestic violence against their spouse or intimate partner. The study also discovered that there are certain medical issues that may serve as warning signs that a patient may have a propensity towards domestic abuse.

The study was conducted by the University of Michigan and included 530 male participants from the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication of 2001-2003. The average age of the men was 42 years old. Approximately 75 percent of the men were classified as non-Hispanic white. Almost 60 percent of participants had extended their education beyond high school and 84 percent of the men were employed.

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