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asking for divorce, Geneva family law attorney, reasons for divorce, divorce study, women and divorce, men and divorce, infidelity, spouse’s immaturity, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuseA new study by the Austin Institute reveals that women are more likely than men to be unhappy in their marriage. The study, “Divorce in America,” also examined the reasons why people file for divorce. Researchers compiled data from the “Relationships in America” survey project that the institute recently conducted. There were 15,000 American adults between the ages of 18 to 60 who were surveyed. Of that group, nearly 4,000 were divorced. According to a statement released by the institute, data was used to assess “how people think about divorce, who wants out of marriages more, and why they want out.”

Twenty percent of the women surveyed said they had considered divorcing their spouse within the past year. Only 13 percent of men said they had considered leaving their marriage. Overall, 13 percent of married respondents had actually discussed separating with their spouse within the past year but had yet to separate.

For those participants in rocky marriages, 55 percent of the women said they wanted out of the marriage more than their husbands did. Only 29 percent of the men said they wanted out more than their wives. Forty-two percent of the men reported that their spouse wanted out of the marriage more than they did, while only 20 percent of the women reported that their husbands wanted the marriage to end more.

child custody issues, children of divorce, compulsive behavior, compulsive behavior habits, compulsive buying, compulsive shopping, divorce trends, divorced family, Geneva family law attorneyA study published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs found childhood stress may be the cause of compulsive behavior habits in adulthood. In fact, experiencing parents divorcing was cited as one of the major stressors children can experience. The root of this behavior, cites lead researcher Dr. George P. Moschis of Georgetown University, is that when a child is dealing with upheaval and stress in the home, they look for comfort and satisfaction away from the home.

According to Moschis, when a child deals with turmoil at home, it may cause his or her self-esteem to suffer. A child may also deal with a great amount of insecurity. These emotions can carry into adulthood and cause the person to attempt to alleviate those feelings or “medicate their emotions” by purchasing items that make him or her feel good. Moschis says the purchases begin to alleviate the bad feelings, but can eventually escalate into compulsive buying.

What compounds this problem for children of divorce is that often the divorce resulted in a loss of what Moschis refers to as material resources for the child. Some studies put the loss of income in a divorced family to as much as 45 percent. This creates more distress for the child, who may also be heavily influenced by the media and peers into believing that having the most up-to-date electronics, latest fashion trends, etc., will cause happiness.

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Geneva family law attorney, pending divorce, reconciliation, uncontested divorce, marriage trends, marital discord, divorce attorney, marital reconciliationIt is not unusual for a couple to cancel a pending divorce to try and rekindle their relationship, even after a divorce attorney has been retained and papers have been drawn. According to a 2011 study, there is an increased level of desire among couples in regards to wanting a marriage to survive, especially when children involved. The study, Interest in Marital Reconciliation Among Divorcing Parents, concluded that 45 percent of the 2,500 couples surveyed favored possible reconciliation. Therefore, if you are currently separated from your spouse but are still unsure if divorce is the best option for your marriage, it may be beneficial to determine exactly where you stand before making any life altering decisions. 

Spousal Speculation

Before deciding on divorce, ask yourself if halting the divorce would be a mutual decision or if you are ultimately trying to save a relationship that is already broken. However, if your spouse is pushing for an uncontested divorce, there may be nothing you can do to change his or her mind. In addition, if you are separated and believe your spouse may still need time to ponder the future, it is advisable that you discuss the option of divorce with your attorney. 

domestic violence, domestic violence victims, Geneva family law attorney, intimate partner violence, pot smoking couples, rates of domestic violenceStudies have linked substance abuse to domestic violence, and this type of abuse can lead to an increase in the divorce rate, as many victims of domestic violence leave their spouses. However, a new study surprisingly revealed a decrease in domestic violence for spouses who frequently use marijuana.

The study was conducted by researchers from Rutgers University, the University of Buffalo and Yale University. The goal of the survey was to measure how marijuana use affected rates of intimate partner violence (IPV). For the purpose of the study, the research team identified hitting, slapping, choking, and beating as intimate partner violence.

The study measured the frequency of marijuana use by asking participants how often they used the drug in the previous year. Included in the answers that fell into the classification of marijuana were grass, pot, reefer, weed, hash and hash oil. Survey participants were also required to share details of any other drugs they may have used, including alcohol.

changing your name, Geneva family law attorney, Illinois divorce attorney, marital property, maiden name, post divorceWith the finalization of your divorce, you suddenly realize you are now a newly single individual. Your experienced divorce attorney assisted you through the challenges of continual maintenance support payments, child visitation schedules, child support calculations, and the equitable division of all marital property. However, is it also time to perform one last legal action?

Legally changing your name and reclaiming your independence may be the one legal action remaining on your post divorce bucket list. This decision should not be done in haste, especially if children are involved, but it is a personal decision you may consider.

If you reside in Illinois, Statute 735 ILCS (5/21-101) permits you to petition the court to validate your request for a legal name change. Illinois, as well as many other states, established a preset protocol to discourage individuals from haphazardly requesting a name change for those trying to avoid legal issues or erase a criminal background.

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