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thinking about divorce, divorce study, Illinois divorce lawyerFor many married couples, divorce is a dirty word. The mere mention of it can lead individuals to begin fearing that the end of their marriage is imminent. Even just thinking about divorce can feel dangerous to many, as they begin to question their ability to fix whatever problems they may be experiencing. A recent study suggests that the opposite might, in fact, be true, and that giving some thought to divorce can actually improve a couple’s marriage.

Thousands Surveyed

Funded by Brigham Young University in Utah, and conducted by researchers from six different universities including BYU, the study surveyed 3,000 married individuals between the ages of 25 and 55 from around the United States. The results indicated that more than half of married people have had thoughts about divorce, either recently or in the past. Most of the thoughts were described by researchers as more “soft” than “serious,” and that a large number of those who think about divorce want to work on the marriage.

unconscionable, divorce agreement, Geneva divorce lawyerAs you approach the divorce process, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may already have most of the details covered. It is not uncommon for a couple to “pre-negotiate,” if you will, regarding the various necessary considerations before the petition for divorce is even filed. For the vast majority of cases, this is very welcome, and a much lower-stress alternative to long, drawn-out courtroom battle, the impact of which may be felt by both parties for years into the future. For some couples, however, their negotiated agreement may not meet the court’s standards, and could be rejected on the grounds of being unconscionable. It is important to understand just what that means so you can be prepared to avoid such a response from the court.

Negotiate with an Understanding of the Law

While you certainly do not need to be an attorney to reach a reasonable agreement with your spouse, it does help to have a basic grasp of what the Illinois divorce laws require. This is especially applicable to concerns for property division, and spousal maintenance. A negotiated agreement does not necessarily need to adhere to each and every provision in the related laws, but understanding what the law considers to be just and equitable is a good place to start. From there, you and your soon-to-be ex can create virtually any type of settlement you wish, as long as it is reasonably fair to both parties and your children.

conflict, divorce, Illinois divorce attorneyDivorce is rarely pleasant. But, not all divorces are high conflict screaming matches. Even if your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a high-conflict personality, there are many things you can do to try and keep the divorce as smooth as possible. It is in the interest of both parties to be civil, because the more conflict there is in the divorce, the higher the attorney fees will be and the longer the divorce will take to get finalized.

Step Back Before You React

There are a lot of different emotions going through both sides of a divorce. You spouse will probably do or say several things during the divorce that make you angry. Before you react to anything you need to take a step back.

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worst jobs, divorce rate, Illinois divorce lawyerThere are, obviously, countless factors that can affect a couple’s happiness and ability to weather the difficulties of marriage. Sociology experts, however, always seem to be trying to identify trends and specific elements that impact the likelihood of divorce. Such trends may not affect every couple who fits within a particular set of a criteria, but, by the nature, they do help provide some issues of which couples should be aware if they are looking to avoid becoming a statistic, so to speak.

According to Census data compiled in 2010 by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, certain jobs and occupations place an individual at a much high risk for divorce than others. When the information was collected, roughly 16 percent of people across all occupations reported being divorced or separated. By comparison, those in particular jobs are several times more likely to get divorce, including:

Casino Worker: What do you get when you combine non-stop operation, irregular hours, and holiday work, with fairly low salaries and a party atmosphere of alcohol and gambling? For some, the answer is divorce. Gambling services workers, including dealers, pit bosses, and cage workers, have a divorce rate of over 31 percent.

maintenance, modification, Illinois family law attorneyAre you struggling to make your monthly spousal maintenance payments? If you are like many people in today’s economic landscape, the answer may be yes. However, you understand the importance of complying with a judicial order and, despite the difficulty, you continue to find ways to uphold your end of the agreement. While such dedication is certainly admirable, you may have other options available to you, including a modification of your maintenance order. In certain situations, a modification can ease the unnecessary strain on your life and help you get back on your feet.

Change in Circumstances

Whether it was ten years ago or ten months ago, when your spousal support order was developed, it took into account your current financial state and the circumstances of your marriage. Of course, things certainly change over time and, unfortunately, not always for the better. For example, your maintenance payments were probably calculated based on your income at the time of the order. Due to the nature of the job market, your health, or a number of other factors, your current income may be drastically lower. Alternatively, your income may have remained virtually the same but increases in the cost of living or other necessary expenses may be complicating your situation.

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