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Kane County divorce lawyersOnce you have made the decision to end your marriage, there is no point in delaying or dragging out the proceedings. Divorce is rarely easy but the legal process itself does not need to take countless months as you and your spouse place your lives on hold. In many cases, you may be able obtain a finalized divorce judgment in a little as just a few weeks, but doing so requires a bit of effort on your part and cooperation from your spouse.

#1: Develop a Plan of Attack

The easiest way to eliminate delays in divorce is to negotiate as much of your settlement as you possibly can. You and your spouse may not agree on everything, so start with the simplest topics. For example, if you have little concern about certain pieces of property, agree on those and then build on the cooperative momentum. Eventually, you will get to more difficult subjects, but, by that point, you will have likely established a level of commitment to completing the process amicably.

#2: Choose Your Battles

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement before filing for divorce, you can still help move the proceedings along by controlling yourself and your need to “win” on all fronts. By picking a fight—or engaging when your spouse picks one—on every concern, you will never make real progress toward a resolution. Decide what is truly important to—your children, for example—and focus your energy on that particular area while letting less significant things go.

Posted on in Divorce

Kane County divorce attorneyThere is no way around it: divorce can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. In some ways, it is entirely understandable that two people who built a life together would experience challenges as they move in different directions. While nothing can completely eliminate all of the stress and contentiousness of a divorce proceeding, there are some things you can do to make your divorce easier, faster, and less hostile.

Commit to Cooperation

Long before you or your spouse files any divorce paperwork, the two of you can make the decision to work together throughout the process. For most couples, the choice must be a conscious one, as a casual attitude is not likely to carry you through the more difficult moments. By making a determined effort to stay positive and to avoid unnecessary battles, you and your spouse may find the road ahead to be much more manageable than you may have expected.

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