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marriage and communication, marriage and trust, marriage trends, separate vacation, solo vacation, spouse's interests, St. Charles divorce attorneyAccording to the late Ruth A. Peters, PhD, continual contributor to Today Family Time, it is not uncommon, nor selfish, to want to escape and rejuvenate in private. No spouse, no kids, no job, no worries.

Dr. Peters was a firm believer that as one half of a duo, separate vacations should be a welcome addition to each of our lives. She suggested that we should not think of it as an escape but as a new experience. However, there is one ground rule. Never should a quest for a separate vacation be viewed as an interference or a threat to the home-bound partner.

To further support this argument, Reuters shared the results of a recent TripAdvisor survey further substantiating the claim to a spouse-free vacation as 59 percent of travelers plan on taking a brief detached distraction. Yet while Dr. Peters, Reuters, and TripAdvisor offer the go ahead to venture to sunny shores alone, spouses should still consider the following guidelines prior to leaving for a stress free personal retreat.

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