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out of your home, domestic abuse, Illinois family lawyerIt can be extremely difficult to get an abusive spouse to leave your family home. You will need to file a motion with the court to have it exercise its right to order your spouse to leave. This right is known as “equitable jurisdiction.”  Under equitable jurisdiction, the court may, when necessary, take action that it normally would not take to protect an individual or uphold justice.

In a case where you or your child are being abused, you will need to prove to the court that the abuse occurred to have your spouse removed from your home. This, however, can often be difficult. If it is safe to do so, document all instances of abuse in any way possible. You may wish to provide witness testimony, photographs of injuries, or recordings of verbal threats.

You cannot kick your spouse out of your home without court intervention. Your home is shared property and your spouse has the same legal right to remain in the home as you have. Do not, under any circumstance, fraudulently accuse your spouse of abuse in an effort to have him or her removed from your home – if such action is discovered, it can have a negative impact on your divorce proceeding. If you are in immediate danger, get yourself out as soon as possible and get to a safe place. Once you are safe, contact a divorce attorney to discuss your options for removing your spouse from the home.

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