Geneva Family Law Attorney Doug Warlick Announces Candidacy for Kane County Clerk

Dour Warlick

After more than 40 years practicing law as a trial and family law attorney, Douglas B. Warlick announced his candidacy for Kane County Clerk in the upcoming Republican Primary Election on June 28th.

According to Attorney Warlick, there are two major issues in this election: term limits and election integrity. As a candidate for the Office of Kane County Clerk, Doug Warlick has pledged to serve not more than two terms so that the office is continually refreshed with new talent and advanced technology. The current incumbent has held the Office for 20 years after being elected at the age of 63. Insofar as the legislature has not enacted term limits, Doug states that it is up to the voters of Kane County to impose “term limits” with the election of Doug Warlick.

The Kane County Clerk’s principal responsibility is to manage every facet of every election of a public official within Kane County. Election integrity is achieved, according to Warlick, when citizens have confidence in their elected officials so that they are not compelled to question the process. Warlick believes that the Illinois Election Code should be followed, and provisional ballots should be used when necessary, such as when a voter is advised on Election Day that he/she already voted. To protect the public from skepticism, ballots must be verified with initials from election judges of both parties, and vote-by-mail ballots should be postmarked to ensure they were mailed on or before Election Day. The current incumbent failed to comply with the requirements of the Illinois Election Code in the most recent election. As Kane County Clerk, Warlick intends to correct these issues and ensure election integrity in the future.


Attorney Douglas B. Warlick Receives Humanitarian Award


Douglas B. Warlick

Attorney Douglas B. Warlick recently received the Kane County Bar Association (KCBA) Community Service Award.

Doug Warlick has been a self-employed family law attorney since 1981. He began his career in Cook County where he represented parents and children in the Cook County Juvenile Courts for more than 10 years. In 1989, Doug moved to DuPage County where he practiced for the next 10 years. He was active in the DuPage County Bar Association (DCBA) as a volunteer for the annual Judge's Nite legal aid fundraiser and chair of the matrimonial law committee and the children's advocacy committee.


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