Business Valuation

Business Valuation

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Effectively Addressing Business Valuation as Part of Asset Division

When a marriage ends, property division is likely to be one of the most contentious issues. When a divorce involves the valuation and division of a business, this already contentious issue often becomes increasingly complicated.

At the Law Office of Douglas B. Warlick in Geneva, Illinois, we provide knowledgeable legal representation for people facing divorce in Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb and DuPage Counties. For well over 30 years (since 1981), attorney Doug Warlick has handling divorce and all affiliated matters, including property division and business valuation.

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Lawyer Who Understands Complex Business Valuation Issues

To effectively address business valuation issues as part of a divorce settlement, an attorney must have a strong business background. Before he decided to limit his legal practice to family law and divorce, Doug Warlick served as counsel to many businesses and corporations in Illinois.

As a result of these experiences, he knows how to read complex financial documents and can fully evaluate personal and corporate tax returns. He understands the techniques accountants use to disguise assets and income, and knows when particular activities warrant further investigation.

Additionally, because of his deep roots in the local community and strong ties within the legal community, he has access to respected accountants and financial experts. Using these resources, his strong legal background and his in-depth legal knowledge, he is able to compile a strong case to protect our clients' interests in any divorce involving the valuation and division of a business.

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