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If you are getting divorced, we will help you through the process. Understanding Illinois divorce requirements can seem daunting, but The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates of Geneva, Illinois provides knowledgeable legal counsel to simplify the process. Attorney Doug Warlick has a reputation for honest, fair representation and can guide you on the best steps forward. He handles each case personally and has a mission to guard client rights and fully pursue equitable outcomes for each family law case.

Providing Equitable Service for Clients Considering Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, there is at least one aspect of the divorce on which parties cannot agree. At times, it is the divorce itself. Many times it concerns the division of marital assets, custody of the children, marital debts, and other important, life-changing considerations. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve equitable settlements and strive to continue to support our client base when we are needed most.

Mr. Warlick will make every effort to resolve divorce matters mutually, but if the divorce must go to trial, Mr. Warlick is a formidable advocate who will fight for the best possible outcome for his clients. He has a meticulous approach to building an aggressive strategy to represent his clients in divorce court. He has intricate knowledge of the courts of Kane, Kendall, Dekalb, and DuPage Counties and has a successful track record of securing fair settlements for his clients.

Preparing Clients for Contested Divorce Proceedings

If the divorce must go to court, Mr. Warlick will effectively prepare you for what to expect before, during and after the proceedings.

Before the trial, there is a discovery process. This means that he is analyzing everything that you share as a couple in order to advocate for a fair distribution of marital assets and prepare arguments for child custody.

During discovery, he will review facts about:

  • Child Care (education, quality of life, health care)
  • Properties (residences, vacation homes, rentals, real estate)
  • Accounts (checking, savings, certificates of deposit)
  • Insurance beneficiaries (primary, contingent)
  • Investments (retirement funds, mutual funds, stocks, bonds)
  • Tangible possessions (home furnishings, electronics)
  • Vehicles (cars, boats, recreational vehicles)
  • Taxes (claiming dependents, refunds, debts)
  • Closely held businesses (structure, profit and loss)
  • Pets (care and emotional attachment)

During the trial, Mr. Warlick will represent your position about any item shared in a marriage. After the trial, he will make sure you understand what actions are necessary to finalize the divorce. Throughout the entire process, he will take his time and work with you to provide the smoothest transition possible so you can have peace of mind and go forward with your life.

Even though we’ve been protecting clients’ best interests for more than three decades, our approach to family law cases is still current and innovative. We are on top of ever-changing Illinois laws so that your representation is relevant and unparalleled.

Contact Geneva divorce lawyer Doug Warlick for sound legal representation in your family law case. We provide access and personalized attention to each client, providing continued updates on the developments of your matter. Mr. Warlick offers a discounted initial consultation. He will meet with you personally to discuss the details of your case. We serve all communities of Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb, and DuPage Counties.

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