Guardian Ad Litem

Experienced Illinois Court-Appointed Guardian Ad Litem in Geneva, Illinois

Experienced Illinois Court-Appointed Guardian Ad Litem in Geneva, Illinois

Protecting your children is a top priority. As a parent, you are more concerned about your child’s best interests than your own. The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates of Geneva, Illinois understands your goal to protect your children. When you are dealing with the impact of a divorce, you want to know that your children will be placed in the best possible situation. We understand where you are and can help you navigate this challenging season of your life.

For several decades, Attorney Doug Warlick has worked to provide equitable solutions for his clients. His prior background in business, real estate and civil litigation gives him a multi-faceted approach to family law. He has a strong commitment to serve all clients, taking special care to represent the interests of children who often cannot articulate what they need. To that end, Mr. Warlick currently serves as an appointed guardian ad litem (G.A.L.) for divorce and adoption cases.

Helping Clients Understand Guardian Ad Litem

The very nature of divorce is financially difficult, but when children are involved, they take priority over the division of marital assets. To protect children and infants, Illinois courts often appoint a guardian ad litem to be part of divorce court proceedings. The guardian ad litem provides recommendations on the future care and stability of each child impacted by the divorce.

As a court-appointed guardian ad litem, Mr. Warlick remains objective about the care of children. He will use several methods to create a well-researched recommendation to the court:

  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Investigations

Mr. Warlick will consider every facet of your child’s unique situation. He is a dedicated lawyer and will consider circumstances such as:

  • The age of the child
  • Living arrangements
  • Educational facilities
  • Home environment
  • Special Needs care
  • Transportation
  • Psychological Development

After careful consideration and assessment, Mr. Warlick will either render a written report to the court or serve as a witness in a court proceeding. As outlined in Section 506 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, this detailed report will be available to all parties involved in the family law case.

When emotions are high, you need a sound partner to help you consider the facts and help you make the best decision for your family. A guardian ad litem does not carry out the wishes of a child, but considers all facts and recommends the best possible outcome for a child.

You can count on Mr. Warlick to be professional, thorough and committed to serving the best interests of your immediate family. Contact our office today to set up a time to meet with Mr. Warlick to discuss your case and address your concerns. We offer a discounted initial consultation and represent clients in all communities of Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb, and DuPage Counties.

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