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Many divorce cases resulting in child support orders also address support for college education expense. If you are seeking the cost of a college education for a dependent child who has received child support through divorce court, an experienced attorney can protect your rights. Or perhaps you want to challenge a college support order. The The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates offers experienced college education and child support representation. We have successfully addressed college education child support matters for divorce clients in Geneva and throughout Kane and DuPage counties.

Providing for College Education in Child Support in Kane and DuPage Counties

Illinois law (750 ILCS 5/513) speaks specifically to the provision child support for college expenses, allowing the award of money out of property and income to provide for a college education, and may be sought before or after the child has reached the age of majority. The law extends the authority to periods of college education or professional or other training after graduation from high school.

The courts may order educational expenses to be made payable to the child, to either parent, to the college directly, or through a special account or trust created for the child’s college expense. These college expenses for may include:

  • Room and board, books, and transportation;
  • Tuition, registration and application costs, dues and fees;
  • Medical and dental expenses, and medical insurance; or
  • Living expenses during the school year and periods of recess.

In determining college expense and child support, the judge will take into consideration all relevant factors that appear reasonable and necessary, including:

  • The financial resources of both parents;
  • The standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved;
  • The financial resources of the child; and
  • The child's academic performance.

Both parents are required to sign any consents necessary for the college to provide the supporting parents with access to the child's academic transcripts, records, and grade reports, excluding non-academic records. The order for support terminates when the child receives a baccalaureate degree. If either party fails to execute the required consent, it may be a basis for a modification or termination of the college support order.

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