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What to Expect at a Divorce Trial in Illinois

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Going to court for any matter is stressful, and all the more so when you are party to divorce proceedings that weigh so heavily on your present and your future. There is no substitute for an attorney who is experienced, compassionate, and a persistent advocate for you if you have to trial in a divorce case. The The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates draws upon decades of experience to orient you to the procedures and practices that you will experience when you go before divorce courts in Illinois.

Preparing for the Divorce Trial in Kane and DuPage Counties

Once you file for divorce in Illinois courts, you and your spouse can attempt to negotiate pretrial agreements on as many relevant matters as possible. If you are unable to reach sufficient agreements to settle the case without litigation, your divorce case will go to trial. With Douglas B. Warlick as your lawyer, you will benefit from 30 years of experience in successful divorce cases. We know you will fair better if you are familiar as possible with the whole divorce process, and with what you can expect in the courtroom. To adequately prepare you, we will orient you to:

  • The full scope the legal options in your case;
  • The process and benefits of negotiating pretrial agreements;
  • The alternative approaches of mediation and arbitration to settle matters;
  • The laws which govern the decisions in your case;
  • Courtroom procedures, testifying and the trial experience;
  • What to expect after decisions in your case; and
  • The extended role of your lawyer in the implementation, monitoring, and post-divorce modification of court orders.

In divorce court, you appear before a judge, not a jury. The courtroom can be stark. When you are asked for testimony, you will need to answer only what is asked without expounding. A serious but calm demeanor, appropriate attire, and respectful disposition is always appropriate. The conduct of the trial includes both sides presenting witnesses and evidence that supports your petitions, which will be reviewed and challenged by opposing lawyers. Depending upon the agreements reached outside of the courtroom, the contentiousness of either party requesting delays, filing petitions, etc., your trial can last from one day to several weeks or a year or more. When everything is presented, cross-examined, and challenged, the judge evaluates and makes judgments on all matters that have not already been settled in pretrial agreements, specifically on property issues, child custody, child support, maintenance/alimony, attorneys' fees, and a parenting plan.

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