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Are you a custodial parent hoping to leave Illinois, or a non-custodial parent seeking to prevent custodial parent relocation? Regardless of which side of the dispute you may be on, it is critical to have a qualified and experienced family lawyer on your side.

At the The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates in Geneva, Illinois, we provide skilled legal representation for parents involved in parental relocation disputes. Attorney Doug Warlick has been handling divorce and family law matters for well over 30 years (since 1981). He has the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively protect your rights and interests in a child custody dispute related to a custodial parent's request to move out of state.

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Understanding The Requirements for Parental Relocation

The court will take a hard look at any request to relocate out of state or to a distant part of Illinois - considering both the child's interests and the effects such a move will have on the other parent's visitation rights.

Removal of children will only be granted if the parent seeking relocation can prove that relocating is in the best interest of the child and that the non-custodial parent will not be unduly restricted from visitation and joint decision-making.

Although the parent seeking relocation bears the burden of proof, these can be challenging matters for both parents. The fact is, in many parental relocation cases, one parent will have very good reasons for moving - and the other parent will have very good reasons for opposing the move. As a result, it may seem that there is no mutually acceptable solution for both parents.

Attorney Warlick is a certified mediator and trained in collaborative law. This training helps him work effectively with disputing parties to find resolutions that will work for everyone. He can often find creative solutions and is an effective negotiator.

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