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Once upon a time it was taboo to live together without being married or have a child out of wedlock. But the taboo is gone, and with is comes an Increase in cohabiting couples in Illinois. However, unmarried couples living together, who share resources or have children, lack any protections or legal rights when they decide to call it quits. A cohabitation agreement could change that; addressing custody issues where needed, and preserving your interests in shared assets and resources. If you need to develop a cohabitation agreement, or want a proposed one reviewed, the experienced cohabitation agreement and family law attorneys at the The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates can help. We serve clients throughout Illinois in Geneva, and Kane and DuPage counties.

Protecting Rights with Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation refers to a couple living together in a long-term intimate sexual relationship without marrying. Unmarried couples living together are given some rights upon separation in those states that recognize “common law marriage.” But Illinois is not one of them. The State does, however, recognize legal contractual agreements and unmarried couples living together can get some protections if they sign a viable cohabitation agreement.

Because every couple's relationship and understandings are unique to them, a cohabitation agreement will not be the same for every couple. Your cohabitation agreement addresses what is important to each of you. It spells out your positions and expectations and defines how and what each partner can claim if you separate, and how and what happens in the estate if one partner dies. These agreements usually speak to:

  • Ownership and purchasing of a house and furnishings;
  • The management of financial or material assets;
  • Disposition of debts and possessions brought into the relationship;
  • The extent and limits of income and expense sharing, who pays what;
  • How bank accounts, debts, and credit cards will be handled;
  • Any child related issues and expenses;
  • Pet care and expenses;
  • The manner in which property and assets will be divided in event of a separation;
  • The manner in which any assets and financial investments will be handled in the estate of either partner following death; and
  • The method of dispute resolution if necessary.

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