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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb and DuPage Counties

Are you looking to resolve your divorce with the least acrimony, least expense, and least court intervention? Doug Warlick is a certified divorce mediation lawyer who is appointed by judges in both Kane County and DuPage County. He facilitates negotiations between couples who are prepared to work out an amicable agreement.

The The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates is based in Geneva, Illinois, representing clients from all communities of Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb and DuPage Counties. We help clients resolve property settlements, child custody and visitation issues, and other matters involving Illinois family law.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-binding process whereby two parties “come to the table” in a spirit of resolution and compromise to avoid protracted legal disputes. The mediator acts as a neutral third party to facilitate a mutual agreement that can be put in writing and submitted to the family court. Mr. Warlick is a certified mediator of more than 20 years who has helped many couples work out agreements in both private mediation and through court appointments in Kane and DuPage counties.

Easier Said Than Done – You Need an Experienced Mediator

Saying that you want an amicable, uncontested divorce is one thing. But when it comes down to deciding how to divide property, it’s often more complicated than people think, even if they thought they had few assets. As an experienced divorce attorney, Mr. Warlick helps couples far better than non-attorney mediators. Where there is disagreement or unwillingness to “budge,” he can offer creative solutions the parties hadn’t considered. As a divorce attorney and certified family law mediator, he can facilitate agreements that will be acceptable to the courts.

Post-Decree Mediation: Custody and Child Support

New Illinois Supreme Court rules require child-related issues to go to mediation often before either party can request a hearing in divorce court, and Mr. Warlick is court-appointed to handle child issues in Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb and DuPage Counties. If a change is sought in child custody arrangements (allocation of parental rights and responsibilities) or visitation (parenting time), he can help the parties discover solutions that are fair and reasonable. He can offer a creative approach to custody that accommodates both parents and serves the interests of the child – which the judge will require anyway.

Mediation is often less expensive than traditional four-party negotiation, and almost always a better avenue than litigation. Because Mr. Warlick does not represent either party, there is less suspicion and “strategy” – the overriding theme is mutual resolution.

Contact a Geneva divorce mediation lawyer who can act as an effective facilitator for your family law issues. We offer a discounted initial consultation to discuss whether mediation is right for your situation.

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