Hidden Assets

Experienced Hidden Assets Lawyer in Geneva, Illinois

Experienced Hidden Assets Lawyer in Geneva, Illinois

If you are dealing with a divorce and suspect that your spouse has hidden assets or unreported income, you need an aggressive lawyer with a tested strategy for getting to the bottom of the matter. The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates of Geneva, Illinois is an experienced firm dealing with all aspects of family law.
Even if hidden assets aren’t suspected, it makes sense to be fully informed about all assets to be considered when facing a divorce. We will work with a team of professionals to carefully examine the financial portrait of your spouse.

Discovering Timely Marital Asset Facts for Clients

Assets are often hidden for exclusion from consideration in divorce proceedings. Time is crucial. We will work diligently to investigate any trace of a hidden asset so that they may be considered in time for a settlement or trial. The ways to uncover such assets are perhaps as varied as the tactics used to hide them, but Attorney Doug Warlick is experienced in the art of discovery. He is knowledgeable about:

  • Types of assets
  • Common hidden assets
  • Known techniques for hiding assets
  • Discovery techniques

After a divorce is initiated, Attorney Doug Warlick will begin a discovery process. During this process, he will review:

  • Bank accounts and statements
  • Income Tax returns
  • Cost of living
  • Credit and charge accounts
  • Credit reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Business transactions
  • Filed records

These are just some of the major items Attorney Doug Warlick will consider when tracking down hidden assets and to establish what assets belong to each party. This information is often obtained through verbal or formal requests, oral testimonies, and inspections.  A complete picture is essential for a fair division of marital assets. Because of his extensive experience, he understands the clues to focus on and can identify red flags when examining discovery records.

Providing Equitable Solutions for Division of Assets

As an experienced family lawyer, Mr. Warlick is knowledgeable about the classification and proper division of marital assets and will only pursue what is relevant and equitable. He has a reputation for being an honest lawyer who seeks fair solutions for his clients.

As a client, you are our greatest asset and we will do everything possible to protect you and your future. We will explain the process of uncovering hidden assets and help you make the best decision about the level of pursuit for those assets. We want you to get fair access to what you’ve worked for and built as a family. We want you to be satisfied with the process and pleased with the outcome. We want you to be properly represented during this challenging time in your life.

Contact Geneva divorce lawyer Doug Warlick for sound legal representation in your family law case. We provide personalized service for every client. We offer a discounted initial consultation and look forward to helping resolve your family law concerns. We serve all communities of Kane County as well as Kendall, Dekalb, and DuPage Counties.

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