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Doug Warlick for Geneva Alderman

Douglas B. Warlick is a candidate for the Office of KANE COUNTY CLERK in the upcoming Republican Primary Election. Doug brings a wealth of skills to this position as a trial attorney for over 40 years (licensed to practice law, November, 1981). 

He understands the challenges residents face and he is committed to bringing fiscal responsibility to local government while fully serving the public with fair and honest elections. Doug Warlick’s goal for this position of Kane County Clerk is to restore confidence and integrity in our election process so that no person has a doubt or question concerning the election process in each election that Mr. Warlick is responsible for managing. 

Among the many attributes of a trial attorney are the ability to manage diverse and complex litigation as well as leadership. Attorney Warlick has handled countless cases over the last 40 years requiring him to assess and acquire a working knowledge of the underlying facts and mechanics of each situation (whether it is a corporate takeover, a sophisticated financial business valuation, a family or personal injury matter or a commercial real estate transaction or dispute) and apply that knowledge to the relevant law. Such a complete understanding is essential for effective cross examination of a witness, and those skills reflect how Doug Warlick can quickly acquire the knowledge to run the Office of the Kane County Clerk.

Leadership is not merely an innate characteristic but one that is developed over many years of being in leadership positions. Doug Warlick is a past President of the Geneva Lions Club, and through Doug’s leadership, the Geneva Lions Club membership grew by 15% while similar community service organizations were struggling simply to retain members. Doug just completed 6 years as the “We Serve” Foundation President, which is financial arm of the charity responsible for allocating grants to the many organizations served by the Geneva Lions Club. Doug was also the Membership Chair and a former Director of the Lions Club. Attorney Warlick served as a Kane County Bar Association Director and twice as a Committee Chairman for the DuPage County Bar Association. Doug Warlick was elected to the Assembly of the Illinois State Bar Association which is the governing body of the largest bar association within the State of Illinois. The ISBA is principally responsible for shaping legislation by working with the General Assembly to review and support or reject proposed laws. And Attorney Warlick has served on several working committees of the ISBA, including the Family Law Section Council, Bar Services, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section Council, and the Bench-Bar Section Council.

Leadership skills are essential to manage an office, and Doug Warlick has trained associate attorneys and paralegals for more than 40 years, but those skills, particularly in the public sector, are insufficient without the passion to serve. The leader of any group must be the hardest worker in the office and set the example for the staff. Doug has a proven history of service to the residents of Kane County and, in particular, to the City of Geneva since 1999, where Doug resided and maintained his law offices. Doug Warlick’s service has been recognized with numerous honors and awards. Over the decades Doug received several outstanding service awards for his commitment to the many bar associations and the Geneva Lions Club, including some of the highest honors granted by these organizations, namely:

  • Kane County Bar Assoc. Community Service Award, 2019, bestowed upon one attorney with impeccable character, who is held with high regard and esteem by his peers, for exemplary services beyond and outside of the legal profession.

  • Melvin Jones Fellow, Highest Honor Awarded from Lions Club Int'l Foundation for Dedicated Humanitarian Service, 2018

  • George Lazansky Distinguished Service Award, Highest Honor Awarded to a Lions Club State of Illinois District Member, 2015

Mr. Warlick has also been an active member of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, and he humbly serves as the chancellor (attorney) for his church, St. Marks Church of Geneva. Additionally, over the years Doug has served the Dundee Rotary Club where his wife is the Co-President (the character of service is a family trait). Moreover, throughout Mr. Warlick’s distinguished career, he has always given back as demonstrated by his willingness to serve indigent clients. He has handled countless cases for DuPage County Legal Aid and Administer Justice as well as pro bono cases for Prairie State Legal Services. He also continues to provide financial support to several bar associations that provide legal services to the financially disadvantaged. That commitment was instilled in him in 1982 when he worked as a pro bono attorney to help battered women through the Chicago Bar Association's program just after the Illinois Domestic Violence Act was enacted. Finally, Doug's qualifications as an award-winning attorney, family law mediator, and former court-appointed Child's Representative have given him insight into the families and communities of Kane County, Illinois.

Doug Warlick’s vast and diverse experience make him the perfect candidate for Kane County Clerk. His skill at handling complex issues and dealing with people of different backgrounds and varied positions in life will aid him in fulfilling the important duties of Kane County Clerk, especially when ensuring the execution of fair and proper elections. Please support Doug Warlick in the June 28, 2022, Republican Primary Election for Kane County Clerk. 

Kane County Clerk Kane County Clerk Kane County Clerk Kane County Clerk Kane County Clerk

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