A Relationship with An Introvert May Be Beneficial to Your Marriage

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extroverts, introverts, Kane County divorce attorney, qualified divorce attorney, relationship with an introvert, licensed marriage counselor, personality stylesIn today’s psychological terms, an extrovert is considered outgoing and highly sociable. Introverts, however, are viewed as shy or aloof. Although very different in nature, psychologists believe either to be a healthy variation of personality styles. Whether an introvert or extrovert, specific traits help determine the dynamics of personal relationships. In fact, according to Your Tango, an electronic media company dedicated to relationships, choosing to begin a relationship with an introvert may discourage a future meeting with a licensed marriage counselor or appointment with a qualified divorce attorney.

Although western society may appear to be dominated by extroverts, the following offers insight as to why personal relationships with introverts may be a bit more harmonious.

Relationship Building Blocks

Introverts are known to be masters of building strong bonds with those they choose to invite into their lives. Although extroverts relish being amidst a crowd, introverts tend to share their energy within a smaller social circle. By doing so, introverts are adept at building trust within an intimate relationship and forge strong emotional bonds with intimate partners.  

Silence is Golden

Extroverts enjoy being the “life of the party.” At times it may be impossible to get a word in edgewise when engaged in conversation. For introverts, the art of listening is essential as they provide a sense of intuition and clarity to afford their partner or friends equal consideration during any discussion. 

Conscientious and Considerate 

As introverts prefer to spend more time “in their head,” they may have a greater introspective view of the world, which therefore leads to a caring and considerate approach to their important relationships. 

Auto Error Correction

Introverts are known to be more self-reflective in nature and are truly skilled when it comes to protecting private relationships. While less concerned about what the “crowd” may be doing, introverts strive to ensure their privacy is protected. When making an error, they tend to openly and quickly admit their mistake to their partner or friend. 

Concrete Connections

Introverts desire a deeper and concentrated connection in their social and intimate lives. As extroverts are drawn to the flame, introverts prefer a more intimate situation. They have been described as loyal and committed to any relationship. 

Regardless of personality type, relationships will be formed and relationships will end. If irreconcilable differences have infiltrated your marriage in a negative way, Douglas B. Warlick, an experienced Kane County divorce attorney, can help. For more information, contact the Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Assoc. at 630-232-9700 to schedule your private consultation today.

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