Adoption: Illinois Assistance Programs and a Little Help from the IRS

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Geneva adoption attorney, Illinois adoption, Illinois assistance programs, DCFS, adoption attorney, adoption counseling, adoption federal tax creditAccording to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), over 17,000 deserving children have received the opportunity to thrive and flourish with a loving family over the past decade. For those deciding to adopt, it may be viewed by others as a selfless act, but this personal decision of offering the gift of love is the driving force.

If you are an Illinois resident considering adoption, working with the DCFS and an experienced adoption attorney is key to ensuring a smooth transition, and both can also provide you with information about state and federal resources available to you and your growing family.

The DCFS provides numerous financial and support systems for those choosing adoption and include the following:

  • Financially, the DCFS will reimburse the costs associated with the process. Reimbursement covers all costs associated with the process as well as attorney fees and court costs;

  • The DCFS provides continued support of the child’s basic needs, such as food and clothing, available via monthly adoption subsidies; and

  • Support systems in place by the DCFS include support, counseling and training programs, and personal and family counseling options. Therapeutic day care is also available to adopting families.

As per the North American Council on Adoptive Children, families choosing to adopt are entitled to a federal tax credit but only if a federal tax form is filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This tax credit is available as a one time credit finalized for the tax year the adoption was finalized. Currently, the tax credit is $13,190 per child with the credit applied against the filer’s income tax liability.

The IRS does implement specific instructions when a family opts to claim the credit regarding a recent adoption. These specifics include:

  • The child (other than a stepchild) must be under the age of 18;

  • The tax credit also applies to a physically or mentally disabled child;

  • Those adopting must fall within specific income limits;

  • Those with an adjusted gross income below $197,880 can claim the full credit;

  • Those with an adjusted gross incomes above $237,880 are ineligible; and

  • Those who fall between these financial levels can claim a partial tax credit.

Adoption is a selfless act of love. Deciding to adopt not only provides a loving and stable home to a deserving child but also provides those adopting with days, months, and years of loving memories. If you are an Illinois resident considering adoption and would like more information on how the DCFS can be of assistance or how the federal tax credit can be applied, contacting a qualified family law attorney can prove invaluable.

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