The Adoption Option

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Adopting a child can be an extremely joyous time.  The thoughts of caring for a child and providing them a loving and permanent home are usually all the parents-to-be are considering.  One avenue for adoption is to utilize the Department of Children and Family Services (“DCFS”) to assist you in your search. Yet another avenue is to utilize an adoption agency or to even adopt from a parent who has signed a specific consent. Whichever avenue you choose, consider seeking the counsel of an experienced adoption attorney to guide you through the exciting yet often difficult process, and to ensure that your interests as well as the interests of the child are protected.

Illinois adoptionThe Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates can assist you in navigating 750 ILCS 50, more commonly known as the “Adoption Act,” which will help to ensure that your adoption goes smoothly and you face none of the pitfalls that occasionally arise when individuals attempt to adopt.  The Act can be very overwhelming, and the forms required to adopt are numerous and often voluminous, although a legal professional can help you along the way.

Is Adoption Right for You?

The decision to add to your family is a serious endeavor. Adoption is made possible when the child's birth parents voluntarily give up their parental rights, or when their rights are terminated by the court. The children available for adoption range in age and ethnic diversity. They are sometimes already in the care of foster parents. The Adoption Information Center of Illinois, in partnership with the DCFS, can provide relevant information about adoption and foster care to get you started in your search for that new member of your family.  Adoption is a big step that establishes you as a child's legal parent/s, along with all the rights and responsibilities inherent in parenthood as if you had had the child through birth. Once a child is adopted, the care and supervision of the child are squarely upon you as the adoptive parent/s. Any medical care or treatment and all the normative events of rearing a child are on you as the parent/s. Some potential adoptive parents seek to adopt a child or children from outside the United States, and there are certainly agencies that can assist with that.

Discuss Your Adoption Options With an Experienced Attorney

Regardless of the route you choose to adoption, there are experienced attorneys waiting to consult and assist you in this exciting time.  If you or someone you know is considering adopting a child or children, contact the experienced Geneva adoption attorneys at The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates.  The firm handles contested and consensual adoptions or related adoptions, including a stepparent seeking to adopt your spouse’s child, or even a grandparent. No matter what the circumstance for adoption, the addition of a family member takes consideration and counsel.

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