Child Custody During the Holidays

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Holidays can be difficult and stressful for even intact families, so when parents with children separate and divorce, the holidays can become unbearable. The scheduling of holiday time with each parent and their extended families, along with necessary changes in usual holiday celebrations and routines, can create frustration, stress, and disputes between all parties involved, including the children themselves.

A recent news article published by KOSU explored the harsh impact that divorce can have on the time that a parent and child spend together, particularly during the holiday season. One man described in this article, who divorced when his son was only two years old, recounted the realization that he would spend only seven Thanksgivings and eight Christmases with his son before he would become an adult at the age of 18. The physical separation of about 450 miles between the man and his son for several years has resulted in this strict division of holidays between mother and father that seems to inevitably follow many divorces.

Fortunately, the man in this article chose to make the most of the limited times available with his son to develop a close and loving relationship. He also makes the effort to maintain that relationship between visits by using frequent communication in the form of telephone calls, text messages, and internet video postings. In essence, this man’s story illustrates the fact that while divorce may significantly limit the time that a parent spends with his or her child, it does not have to limit the relationship that the two enjoy. By using all means available to build and maintain a close relationship with children, parents need not let the physical separation that goes hand in hand with divorce destroy the parent-child relationship.

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