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Child custody in divorces is decided individually by state courts, but all states do put the best interests of the child first. Often times, however, parents are concerned about what will happen to their children and have many questions about the process and how the courts will treat each case in Illinois. Your Geneva family law attorney can help you understand the process of determining child custody, and help you to find the best situation for your family.

Lucy Geneva family law attorneyOne question that may come up is whether or not a parent’s psychological problems will have an effect on the custody of the child and if so, what the impact will be. Just because a parent may have a psychological problem, suffer from substance abuse or suffer from mental illness, the courts do not automatically take away the parent's custody rights.

These factors are considered though, such as if the parent’s mental state has a history of causing severe behavior that may harm the child. The court also considers the fact that each parent may be not in a normal mental state during the custody case due to the trauma of the divorce and lifestyle change that comes along with it as well.

Courts carefully consider and analyze the effects that substance abuse or mental instability may have on the child before determining custody arrangements. If a parents begins to receive treatment for his or her problem, that is also considered by the courts, but does not guarantee that parent custody.

Parents also often wonder if a new spouse or companion that lives in his or her home may have an effect the custody arrangement. This is only of concern to the courts if the mental stability or character of that new person may have an effect on the child. Otherwise, the matter is between the parents of the child and not of legal concern.

If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about the custody of your child, contact  a Geneva family law attorney today. The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates can help you with the custody of your children in Illinois today.


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