Children Adapting to Parent’s Absence: Another Aspect of Divorce

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According to the U.S. National Centers for Health Statistics, almost one in six fathers do not reside with their biological children. Either the result of death or divorce, this statistic provides little comfort for the newly single parent raising his or her children on their own.

If you recently divorced your husband, there are ways to explain and deal with an absent father to avoid taking a toll on your children. When your spouse vacated the home, your children began missing an important member of the family structure. Dealing with this type of situation not only results in extra stress on you as the sole parent but also on the children.

One of the most important steps you may undergo is to take full advantage of all available resources to ensure that the absence of their father does not affect your children’s stability but to further reinforce that this is not their fault under any circumstances.

As your divorce attorney provided guidance throughout the legal process, take it upon yourself to ensure that you offer the same amount of guidance for your children to avoid possible long-term emotional turmoil.

The following are a few options of interactive activities to lessen the stress for your children as they deal with the absence of their father.

  1. Talk to your children. Allow them to express what they are feeling. Sometimes just listening to their concerns will ease their apprehension. Also, take the time to answer their questions. Permit them to voice their concerns in their own words and be willing to address the topic more than just one initial family meeting.

  1. Even though you are now incredibly busy, seek healthy outlets to let your children work through their emotions. Not having Dad in the home can be frustrating, embarrassing, and very upsetting to the child. Participating in physical activity is a excellent way to vent their emotions.

  1. Proving alternative male role models is another option. Doing so reinforces that you are not trying to replace their father. By introducing a male role model you will be providing them with an opportunity to seek father-like guidance if needed.

  1. Encourage a healthy future. Often children experiencing separation loss may become emotionally stunted. If this occurs, it may have dire consequences on their emotional health and keep them from reaching their full potential.

The loss of a parent is devastating. No matter what the circumstances were, either death or divorce, the loss of daily interaction with a child’s father can be emotionally devastating. As a single parent it is now up to you to provide guidance to your children as you and they move forward.

If you are in need of services for you and your children to better cope with the changes divorce brings, consider contacting Children First, a non-profit agency operating under the umbrella of The United Way. Educational opportunities are available to you and your children to lessen the complexities of divorce.

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