Cicero President’s Wife Files for Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

According to the Sun Times, Cicero President, Larry Dominick’s wife has filed for divorce. She claims abuse as her reasoning for the divorce. Elizabeth Dominick was a long standing director of the health clinic until recently.

Mrs. Dominick left her job earlier this year claiming she was facing abusive behavior at her work and didn’t want to deal with it anymore. She seemed happy with her marriage and no one seemed to expect her to file for divorce for this reason or any other at this time. There have been some questions revolving around the sudden circumstances that led to the divorce.

There was some question as to whether she was filing for divorce because of the recent FBI activity that is centered her husband and on the way that the city is being run. She claims this is not the reason and that she is just seeking a divorce for her own reasons. She claims that she only spoke to the FBI one time and that was for a different reason altogether.

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