Considerations for Co-Parents

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Kane County family law attorneysIt can be very difficult to work out the details of a reasonable parenting plan during the process of a divorce. Often, there is animosity between the parents, and children tend to place the blame for their parents’ divorce on themselves. In this regard, the importance of providing a healthy co-parenting experience for children cannot be understated. Research has shown that children of divorced parents are often at risk to become disengaged from their parents, school routines and extracurricular activities. Establishing a workable co-parenting relationship and plan can help alleviate some of these risk factors.

Respectful Communication is Critical

The first thing to remember when parents work on developing a co-parenting plan with one another is that the child’s needs should take top priority. It is also important to keep the child away from conflict as much as possible. Both parents should be respectful of each other, especially when their child is present. Children should not be caught in the middle of the situation, relaying messages from one parent to the other. Parents need to maintain open channels of communication for themselves.

Consistency Is Key

When parents are developing a parenting plan regarding their child, they should share their specific expectations in order to make it easier for their child to transition to the new living situation. Rules should be clearly defined by both parents and should be as consistent as possible in both households. There should be routines in the child’s life to foster a sense of security. Communication between the parents should also remain open in order to manage any unforeseen challenges that might arise. Parents must keep in mind the new living arrangements can be quite difficult for their children as well.

Set a Positive Example

Establishing a good parenting plan can go a long way in reducing the stress related to sharing time with their children, and can help the children as well. Divorce can have a long-lasting effect on how children view their personal relationships, so it is very important that both parents do their best to set a positive example for their children, especially during and after a divorce. Parents who can cooperate despite challenging circumstances can demonstrate to their children that it is possible to thrive, even in situations that may seem extremely difficult.

Legal Help for Co-Parents

If you are in the process of developing a parenting plan due to a divorce or breakup, contact an experienced Geneva family law attorney for guidance. Our compassionate team can assist you in protecting your rights while providing for your child’s needs and well-being. Call 630-232-9700 for a confidential consultation at our office today.



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