Coping with Divorce: Physical Side Effects

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RigsWe recently wrote on weight gain associated with divorce. Physical stress, however, is only one of the effects of divorce. Divorces are tough! Even the most amicable divorces have long-term effects on those involved. It is easy to see how people may perceive divorce as a personal failure, and the stigma that comes with divorce can be heavy.

However, new divorcees have to realize that the real strength lies in being able to move forward. This takes hard work, commitment and an approach focused on developing the physical, emotional and intellectual parts of a person’s life.

Physical exercise is essential. Not only does it make the body feel better, it also allows the mind to think clearly – an essential tool in an emotionally charged situation. In addition, physical fitness fills time that one could otherwise spend drowning in a wasteful spiral of negative thoughts.

To some, physical fitness comes easy, but they still have to deal with the emotional effects of a divorce. Emotions, by their nature, are hard to control. However, dealing with emotions is crucial. It is important to acknowledge emotions and pay attention to them. Even something as simple as talking to a friend or a support group can go a long way toward one’s emotional health. Though tempting, one should not isolate themselves from friends and family.

Now comes the hard part; preserving one’s intellectual fortitude. Divorces can take a heavy toll on self-esteem, which can affect personal relationships and job performance. Divorcees often mistakenly blame the failure of the marriage on themselves. To make matters worse, self-esteem is easy to damage but difficult to repair, and the damage often happens without the person realizing it. Preserving one’s self-esteem is important, and it requires a genuine commitment to feeling better.

Divorce takes a toll on the family and the individual. Divorces are not easy and it helps having an experienced Illinois family law attorney on your side.

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