Court-ordered Parenting Classes Can Now Be Taken Online in Cook County

Posted on in Family Law

It is now possible to take court-ordered parenting classes online in Cook County, reports the Chicago Tribune. Cook County Circuit Court started the program on November 13. According to the Illinois law, judges have to in most divorce cases order parents with underage children to take a parenting education course. Before the launch of the program, the parenting course was only offered in a traditional classroom setting. Similar programs are already in use, for example, in DuPage and Kane counties.

The purpose of the program, which is called Children in Between Online, is to address the effects of divorce and separation on children. Thanks to the program, parents will no longer miss work to attend a parenting class. Parenting education is an important way to "help families going through child custody proceedings to achieve positive outcomes,” according to Chief Judge Timothy Evans.

The online program helps parents and children to learn skills that changes the way they interact.

The program includes five scenarios where participants have to react to a conflict by choosing a solution, which can turn out to be effective or ineffective.  Five common issues related to divorce are included, for instance, money problems, long distance parenting and putting down the other parent. The lessons teach parents and children how to improve their empathy and sensitivity, role modeling and better communication skills

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