Dating after Divorce: Leaving the Past Behind

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dating after divorce, divorce attorney, Kane County Divorce Attorney, online dating, online dating site, the single life, Attorney Warlick, successful relationshipYour divorce is history. You have thanked your experienced divorce attorney for his or her support and fundamental knowledge of the Illinois Marriage and Marriage Dissolution Act (750 ILCS 5), and now it is now time for you to move on.

After the customary grieving period, you now feel as if you could put on your dancing shoes, kick up a little dust, and get back out there. However, the decision to date after divorce is one of the most stressful situations a newly single person can endure.

Even though you may have convinced yourself that you are ready to rejoin the single life, the odds of finding a suitor in the grocery aisle may be slim to none. Is joining an online dating service in your future?

Across the U.S. there appears to be an online dating service for every niche imaginable. So much so, that a recent article by Forbes Magazine contributor, Martin Zwilling addressed the elephant in the room by asking, “How Many More Online Dating Sites Do We Need?” And if you do decide to date, just how much should you reveal about yourself on that first date? A recent article posted to CNN/Living offers these quick tips:

Divorce Dialogue

  • Keep it brief;
  • Intimate details should be shelved;
  • Stay neutral when commenting on  your ex-spouse; and
  • Be honest about your dating expectations.

Casual Conversation

  • Ask your dinner date about his or her dating expectations;
  • Listen intently to your date's life lessons;
  • Relate similarities to your personal beliefs or life; and
  • Appear hopeful about future dating possibilities.

Kid Kinetics

  • Be honest;
  • If you have children, reveal at the get go;
  • Carefully weigh the response. It could be a game changer; and
  • If the relationship progresses take it slow, especially if you have kids.

CNN also cites a recent Dutch study that solidifies how dating after divorce reduces the opportunity of entering into a successful relationship, especially for women. The study also notes that women with children often experience even a further decline when it comes to establishing relationships following a divorce.

Dating after divorce is challenging. However, staying in an unhealthy marriage can prove even more challenging. Contacting and building a strong legal relationship with an experienced Kane County divorce attorney may be the first step in achieving a fresh start. Contact us at 630-232-9700 to schedule your fresh start consultation today.

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