Dealing with Deadbeat Dads and Moms – Illinois Style

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deadbeat parent, child support, Illinois child support lawyer, child support attorneyFill in the blank, deadbeat _______. More than likely “dad” came to mind. As a play on the word association game we often assume that the fathers are the only ones skipping out on the child support. Not so fast. According to Fox News, moms can be deadbeats too. Actually the percentage of moms skipping out on their obligation is higher than the percentage of dads falling behind in child support payments.

Governor Pat Quinn and the Child Support Services of Illinois highly recommend that parents not honoring their mandated child support orders think twice. Illinois has developed several creative ways of letting yodur employer, friends and neighbors in on your secret. Governor Quinn firmly believes that every child in the state deserves both financial as well as emotional support from each parent. The first step in rectifying a delinquent order is to contact a family law attorney in your area and have the order registered with the court as instructed under Illinois Public Act 097-0926.

While it is always wise to have an experienced attorney by your side through this ordeal, the state of Illinois is willing to lend a helping hand with a few ideas of their own.

Deadbeat Website

The state continually updates the deadbeat website for all the world to see. It features the names and photos of the worst offenders as well as the amount of child support outstanding. Publication of this information occurs when the parent is at least $5,000 behind. After your attorney has filed the administrative order with the court, the state must notify the offending parent 90 days in advance of the scheduled posting. Either parent could alleviate this action by either paying the past due amount or signing a payment agreement with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).

New Hire Checks

State and federal law requires all Illinois employers to file a new hire report within 20 days of hiring a new employee. Employers must send all information to the Illinois Department of Employment Security's New Hire Directory. Information must include, name, address, social security number as well as the company's information including their Federal Employer Identification Number. All this information is then shared with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. This secures automatic wage attachment with regard to scheduled child support obligations.

License Denial or Suspension

Illinois is able to deny or suspend various licenses if the applicant is a deadbeat parent. For example, the Illinois Secretary of State can refuse to renew driving privileges if the offending parent is 90 days behind. Also the Illinois Department of Natural Resources can deny or even refuse hunting or fishing licenses. For those who are professionally licensed and 90 days past due, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation can also take action against the holder of any occupational license.

Miscellaneous Enforcement Methods

Public Act 95-685 also permits the state of Illinois to work hand in hand with municipal authorities to immobilize or impound the offending parent's vehicle. Other actions may include the seizing of lottery winnings or tax refunds as well as reporting delinquencies to the credit reporting agencies. Pushing forward with liens against financial holdings or property can also be initiated. Lastly, the U.S. State Department can deny or suspend the offenders passport, prohibiting international travel.

If you are the parent on the short end of receivership in a child support case, it is in your best interest to enlist the services of your family law attorney and to let the state and the courts handle the situation. Your focus will be needed elsewhere, on the well-being of your child.

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