Divorce and Disagreement: Just Say No

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child custody arrangement, child custody disputes, child custody issues, children of divorce, Geneva family law attorney, just say no, divorce and disagreementWhen a couple makes the decision to divorce, it often comes after months—or sometimes years—of anger, fighting and disagreements. After living in that type of negative and acrimonious environment, many people are anxious to just get the whole divorce over with in order to move on with their lives.

However, as healthy as it may be to let go of all the anger and negativity, it is also important to not be too quick to agree to things that may not be in your best interest financially when it comes to your divorce.

Financial advisers suggest several areas where you should never agree, and just say no, regardless of how angry your soon-to-be ex-spouse may get over your “uncooperative” attitude. Additionally, it is acceptable to vocalize your disagreement involving child custody arrangements. If your spouse is pushing for an arrangement that you feel is unworkable, or is not in the best interests of your child, do not agree with it. This can be especially true in situations where a spouse insists on shared custody, yet travels a great deal for work. He or she may be putting too much focus on “winning” and not enough focus on what is really a workable arrangement for everyone. Share your objections with your attorney and let him or her negotiate a better solution.

Another area where you should not be quick to agree is in regards to interim alimony amounts, especially if the alimony will be your only or main source of income until your are able to get back on your feet and into the workforce. It is important that the amount of interim alimony received is enough to support yourself until the main divorce settlement is finalized. This is especially true if you anticipate the divorce to be drawn out. Therefore, it is important to not agree to an amount that is unreasonable.

Finally, good communication with your attorney is one of the most important elements needed during the divorce process. It is important to share your set goals with your attorney. If your attorney makes a suggestion that you do not agree with, do not hesitate to say no and explain why you feel as you do. If you do not articulate how you feel to your divorce lawyer, how will he or she represent you in the best way possible?

If you have decided to end your marriage and divorce your spouse, it is important to contact an experienced Geneva family law attorney to discuss your legal options. Our attorneys are here to help you throughout this difficult time.

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