Divorce records create issue on campaign trail

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Representative Scott DesJarlais, a Republican from Tennessee, was ordered to release his divorce records on the eve of his election. These records were likely to be another set back to his campaign, as they might shed light on his extra-marital affairs with his patients. Allegedly, he wrote prescriptions to his girlfriends, who were also patients, and more recently, there was a supposed attempt of him to persuade one mistress to have an abortion. These records were asked to be released by the Tennessee Democratic Party after The Huffington Post revealed transcript from a phone conversation in 2000 in which DesJarlais had pressured his mistress to get an abortion. He later commented, saying he did not believe that she was pregnant and was just trying to call her bluff.

Following the release, another patient came forward, sharing details of her personal time spent with DesJarlais. A lawyer for the Democrats told the judge that they wanted all documents relating to allegations that the patient made about prescriptions she received from the doctor and any drug use with him.

Before these issues were brought to the public’s attention, the anti-abortion, family-values Republican was well on his way to beat out Democratic state senator Eric Stewart. At the hearing, it was made apparent that some of the documents from DesJarlais’ divorce had not been sealed and it was unclear why they had not been previously released. It was also made known that some of the important documents were missing. As the cause for that was also unclear, the Democrats’ lawyers called for an investigation.

Congressman DesJarlais was under investigation by the Tennessee Medical Board for sleeping with his own patients. He has also been asked to resign by the Tennessee Conservative Union, and he has been hiding from voters and the media.

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