Divorce’s Affect on Schoolwork

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AmandaDivorce is hard for everyone, especially children. Divorce not only affects their life at home but their life at school. A study at Ohio State University found that when a marriage dissolves, a child’s self-esteem and academic performance could be affected, even before the divorce initiates. Usually, a child’s self-esteem will get better over time, but academic performance can continue to decline. The study says that the reason for poor performance is that, “if a child doesn’t learn the skills she needs, it’s hard to catch up to the next grade.” Academic performance is different from a child’s self-esteem because their emotion can bounce back.

In a recent article, advice is given on how to ensure that your child’s grades don’t slip. The first advice is to give them lots of personal attention. This will show your child that you still love them and will give them a break from the stresses of life. Next, the parent should be knowledgeable about how their child feels about school. Parents should set aside time every day to talk to their child about their day at school or even offer help with an assignment. There is, also, the option of getting a counselor for you and your child. Having a counselor can make it easier to discuss any problems that are going on. A parent should be informed about what is going on at the school. It can be helpful to attend any school events, especially parent-teacher conferences. Lastly, the website advises hiring a tutor. A tutor can help get your child up to speed with the rest of their grades’ academic skills.

Divorce can be hard for anyone in the family, not just the children. If you or someone you know is going through a divorce, be sure to contact an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact an Illinois Family Law Attorney today.

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