Are You Emotionally Prepared For Divorce?

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Kane County divorce attorneysIt is one thing to be done trying to make a failing marriage work and quite another to feel sure that you are emotionally ready for divorce. Divorce is a crucial life decision and is not always quick and easy. The benefits of being emotionally prepared for the legal battle ahead are numerous, and those who are often come out on the other end much happier. There are a few questions that anyone considering divorce must answer so they can make a clear and definitive decision.

Is the Marriage Benefitting Everyone?

This question is not just if your existing relationship is helping the children or your spouse, but is it benefitting everyone in the household? Most importantly, is it benefiting you? Your needs are just as important and valid as your spouse, so it has to work for you as well.

Have You Exhausted All Avenues for Saving the Marriage?

All relationships have fluctuations between times of closeness and moments of conflict. This will apply in your current marriage and any future relationships. Although it may hurt your pride to go to counseling, the risk of throwing away a repairable marriage and disrupting everyone's lives is worth the consideration.

Is Your Desire to Leave Purely Emotional?

Did you have a big fight last night and you are full of anger or sadness? If the bad times outweigh the good, come to peace with the divorce. If you begin the divorce full of rage and spite, the entire process is likely to escalate from those intense emotions. If you can walk out of the marriage with minimal anger, frustration, hurt, or regret, then you are likely able to achieve a more peaceful divorce.

Have You Researched the Divorce Process?

Understanding what to expect from the divorce process makes the transition exponentially smoother and less stressful, as the fear of the unknown reduces significantly. If you go into the proceedings without knowing what to expect, trouble could lie ahead.

Can You Afford a Divorce?

The cost of the divorcing process is quantifiable and temporary, but can you afford to support yourself long-term? Are you willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes? If not, the time may not be right.

Are You Prepared to Co-Parent With Your Spouse?

Just because you say goodbye to your spouse does not mean that your kids have to do so as well. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, your spouse will have just as many rights as you to parent and have time with your children. There will be set times during which you will not have them in your home and you may need to find satisfaction in a nightly phone call.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Divorce is often stressful and dramatic. Emotions, secrets and long-term feelings left undiscussed during the marriage frequently come to light during the divorce proceedings. It is a good idea to have these issues discussed before beginning the divorce process if possible. However, sometimes a marriage is so far gone that all that is left to do is part ways legally. If you are interested in discussing your concerns with a proven Kane County divorce attorney, contact The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates today to schedule a confidential consultation.



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