Ending a Violent Relationship Can Be Difficult

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It is not always easy to get away from an abusive relationship, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune. Victims of domestic violence must be prepared emotionally and financially before they can break away from a violent relationship, which can be difficult in many ways.

Fear is often a big factor in not getting out of a volatile relationship, experts say. Domestic violence should be viewed differently in our society so that there is no shame for abuse victims. Many times victims are believed to have caused the abuse by doing something where as in truth the blame lies solely on the violent spouse.

Before ending a violent relationship, it is a good idea for victims to develop a backup plan, which can include provisions for housing, child care and employment. The more resources victims have at their disposal, the easier it is to leave and break away. "If a woman has very little money and nowhere to go, moving out can be very difficult and a stumbling block,” according to April Zeoli, assistant professor at Michigan State University's School of Criminal Justice.

Obtaining an order of protection can stop the abuse from happening.  In Illinois, there is a law that allows police to track offenders through a GPS system if they violate orders of protection. Offenders must wear a device on their ankle which alerts probation officers if the offender comes too close to the victim. Furthermore, it may be possible for a victim to carry a GPS device that alerts them when the violent spouse comes within a certain distance.

If you or someone close to you has become a victim of domestic violence, act immediately. Make an end to the violence. Contact police and an experienced Geneva domestic violence lawyer.



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