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divorce trends, exploring divorce mediation, Geneva divorce mediation attorney, lackluster marriage, marriage dissolution, reasons for divorceAccording to a recent study by the Pennsylvania State University and chronicled by, women reveal that growing apart and losing common ground with their spouses remains one of the top five reasons most consider contacting a divorce attorney.

Surprisingly, more couples are turning to divorce mediation as a means to dissolve a lackluster marriage. It is less intrusive than formal divorce proceedings and may ease the pain of filing for divorce. However, debunking some of the myths of mediation, prior to contacting a mediation divorce attorney, may prove helpful in the end. A recent article highlights the misconceptions attached to divorce mediation. And if you are considering divorce and your personal situation does not involve physical or emotional abuse, substance abuse problems, or hidden personal assets, divorce mediation may be the right choice for you.

Choosing a Mediator

Currently, the U.S. does not require a private mediator to be licensed or certified, so how do you choose the mediator that best fits your particular situation? A few simple questions may make your decision easier.

  1. Is the mediator knowledgeable of your state’s divorce laws?
  2. Does the mediator hold a graduate degree in law or mental health field?
  3. Have they completed the required 60 hours of training in this field?
  4. Is the mediator familiar with the Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation?

Keeping it Simple

Often, for most considering divorce, it is believed that the job of the mediator is to try and reconcile the couple. This could not be further from the truth. The sole function of a mediator is to keep all conversations productive and entirely focused on the dissolution of your marriage, thus treating it almost as a dissolution of a business partnership. The mediator will also help you and your spouse make rational decisions that you can both agree upon.

Contacting an Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney

As a skilled mediator, Attorney Warlick is available to facilitate your mediation sessions to assist you and your spouse reach a fair and equitable division of marital property. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced Geneva divorce mediation attorney for more information on how mediation may be your best option.

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