Facebook Causes Higher Divorce Rates

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In 2011, studies through Divorce-Online discovered that Facebook was named third in divorce filings. Social media has made it simple to find old flames from a person’s past, especially Facebook. Just one simple task of typing in someone’s name can lead to a link into their social world, which can sometimes cause harm to marriages. Social media has become the primary source of communication, even surpassing texting and emails. So if someone wants to have an affair Facebook is the place to do so, according to Divorce-Online.

U.S. divorce attorneys have found more and more people filing for divorce because of Facebook. The authors of “Facebook and Your Marriage,” state that the site can cause harm to what would be a happy marriage. They also go on to say that people are more upfront when they aren’t face to face with the actual person. Normally, when a person is having a conversation on the computer they don’t use their common sense before sending the message. They feed off of the rush of the mental affair, which encourages them further.

Although, Facebook is not the main reason a marriage is torn apart, there are also many other factors that affect it. However, Facebook does make it a simpler task to get into touch with a multitude of people.

Randall M. Klesser of the American Bar Association told the Wall Street Journal that; “People have met online for years. Using the Internet is anything but new. It predates Facebook. While this will continue to be a controversial topic, it was found that in 2009, 1 in 5-divorce cases in the U.S. had Facebook as one of the issues.

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