Five Tips for Mitigating the Trauma Caused by Divorce

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Geneva divorce lawyerBecause divorce is now quite common, many people incorrectly assume that getting divorced is “no big deal.” They may see friends and family go through divorces with smiling faces and assume that the ordeal was not emotionally traumatic. However, the reality is that many people are experts at hiding their pain, and even the most amiable divorce is an emotional burden to those going through it. If you are considering divorce or have already filed, you should know that there are some proven ways to help ease the subsequent emotional pain.

Tip #1: Resist the Urge to Isolate

The end of a marriage is a deeply personal affair. Some individuals getting divorced may be tempted to isolate themselves from friends and family because they are ashamed or simply do not know what to say about the separation. If you are getting divorced, you should know that spending time with others has been shown to aide in the healing process. Whether it is a trip to the movie theater, a vacation, or simply grabbing a quick coffee, getting out of the house and socializing will dramatically help you cope with the pain caused by divorce.

Tip #2: Share Only What You Choose to Share

Curiosity is human nature. Some of your friends and family will probably want to know more details about the end of your marriage than you are comfortable sharing. Keep in mind that you do not owe anyone an explanation. If loved ones hassle you for an in-depth description of why you have chosen divorce, you have every right to politely decline.

Tip #3: Immerse Yourself in Hobbies

One possible upside of divorce is that you will now have more time for yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to explore new hobbies or rekindle old passions. Did you love playing sports in high school? Investigate adult sports leagues in your area or consider coaching. Did you always dream of making and selling your own artwork? Now is the time to try. A bonus of staying busy is that you will have less time to dwell on the negative emotions associated with ending a marriage.

Tip #4: Consider Professional Help or a Support Group

Although it seems contradictory, sometimes it is easier to speak with a stranger than someone you know well about personal issues. There is absolutely no shame in employing the help of a therapist to get through a difficult divorce. Many cities have support groups in which you can meet other adults experiencing similar challenges.

Tip #5: Accept Your Reactions and Feelings

Everyone experiences divorce differently. Some are overwhelmed by feelings of anger and vengeance while others simply cannot stop crying. Some people feel almost no emotion and are numb following the end of their marriage. Divorce may even bring a sense of relief or joy. All of these emotions are normal and acceptable. You will not react the same way to the end of your marriage as others will, and that is perfectly okay.

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