Four Reasons to Keep Your Married Name after Divorce

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married name, divorce, Geneva divorce lawyerAs most people realize, divorce is a complicated process, even under the best of circumstances. The most amicable of marital dissolutions still require a number of very difficult, and very personal decisions to be made. Of course, the most obvious include dividing marital property, arrangements for parental responsibilities, and child support. Less obvious, but often no less troublesome concerns include where you will live after the divorce and how to start your new. Depending on your situation, you may be conflicted about whether to change your name back to the name you used prior to the marriage. While there are certainly many justifications for doing so—and it is entirely up to you—there a few reasons you may want to think about keeping your married name even after the marriage is over.

Your Professional Identity

If you married at a relatively young age, you may have had yet to establish yourself as a professional in your field or line of work. As your career developed during your marriage, you may have become known by your married name. Should you decide to change it after the divorce, the process will likely take significant time, and possibly money, as you attempt to re-establish your identity with clients, customers, colleagues, and, perhaps, a public image.

The Children

For some women, the choice to keep their married name is simple. They want to have the same name as their children. Others, as you might expect, may not be so inclined, but divorce can be confusing enough for children. Adding Mom’s new name to the equation may not be worth it. Some women will even decide not to take on a new married name, should they get remarried, for exactly the same reason.

Family Connections

Despite the challenges that may have led to your divorce, you may not choose to sever ties with your ex-spouse’s family altogether. Many women develop close relationships with the families of their spouses, relationships that do not end with the marriage. You may, in fact, be proud to still be associated with the family, and decide to keep the family’s name as your own.


Beyond emotional or professional reasons, your married name may just be simpler to use. If you are not particularly attached to your previous name, or the old one was difficult to spell or pronounce, you may choose to leave well enough alone. This may be especially true if you have been married before, as deciding which name you should actually use may be tough.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the name you choose for your post-divorce life. It comes down to that with which works best for you and your family. If you are considering divorce, contact an experienced Geneva family law attorney today for guidance throughout the process.



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