Helping your Child Cope with Divorce

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Thousands of kids will experience the stress of finding out that their parents are divorcing. The age of the child is just one of the factors that will dictate how they will process the news and how they will react. They will also be seriously affected by the circumstances of the divorce. Your children are going to need your guidance while coping with this. In addition to hiring a competent Illinois divorce lawyer, here are a few things that you can help them cope.

Theresa   Illinois divorce lawyerBe a Good Example

A part of helping your child cope is displaying healthy coping skills. Do not engage in arguments with your spouse while the children are around. There will be plenty to discuss however, you have to be careful of how you do it. Do not talk about the legal issues such as why you are getting the divorce, financial matters, or custody while in the presence of the child. Your child may hear just part of the conversation and they will feel even worse if it sounds like you are fighting over the child.

Be Dependable

Any disruption of their daily routines will bring additional stress to the children. While they are getting acclimated to the new way of doing things, it is very important to minimize the amount of disruption that the child experiences. It is important for the child to feel that there are not going to be drastic negative changes to their lives. Not having mom and dad in the same house is catastrophic enough.

Stay Positive

Be careful about the things that you say about the other parent. Remember you have to create a united front that tells the child that he or she is loved no matter what. You have made the decision to get divorced and the child still deserves to have both parents in her life. Don't say negative things about the other parent, and make it easy for the other parent to remain in the child's life.

Your Illinois family law attorney can answer any questions that you have regarding custody, support, or any other issues regarding your child.

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