How Divorce Affects Women

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Women are adversely affected by divorce in a more powerful and negative way then men when in regards to personal, emotional and financial well-being. As much as women have grown in rights and power, divorce still takes a huge toll on women – so much so, some advocates want to make it more difficult for divorce to occur in order to protect women.

Laws have made it easier to get divorced with the “No Fault” concept; where parties do not have to claim a reason for the divorce. This has made it not only easier for men to get a divorce, move on and not have many consequences but it has also left women, in general, with more responsibilities and stress. 90% of single parent homes are women led because a lot of times women get the full custody of the children. This is a huge financial stressor and can cause much emotional toil. It doesn’t help that women still get paid less than men for equal jobs. Being divorced and outside of the marriage creates a harder environment for a woman to provide for herself and her children.

These stresses can lead to severe mental distress and psychological issues such as depression. Not only can it happen right after the divorce but it can continue years down the line. Mental problems then can lead to physical health issues and divorced women can end up being worse off than their married/single counterparts. When it is hard to make ends meet, it does affect our society. Hardships the women face can lead to the tax payer being burdened with paying more for welfare and mental healthcare.

If you are a woman suffering through a divorce and need assistance in getting the right representation, contact a divorce attorney who knows your rights. An Illinois lawyer who can be your advocate can alleviate many of the stresses in a divorce.

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