How Long Will My Divorce Take?

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Geneva divorce attorneyIf you are considering a divorce, there are probably countless questions going through your head. Ending a marriage will, in almost every situation, create a degree of uncertainty. You may be unsure of how you will get by on your own, how co-parenting will work, and whether you will ever be ready to give love another chance. In addition, you are also likely to have concerns about the process itself. Unfortunately, one of the most common questions is one that is among the most difficult to answer definitively. How long will it take to complete a divorce? It is almost impossible to say for sure.

Contributing Factors

The speed and efficiency of the divorce process depend on a wide range of variables, some related to your specific situation while others are beyond your control. For example, the current caseload in the county where you file your divorce petition can impact your case by several weeks or more, but you and your spouse can do little, if anything, about the court’s schedule.

On the other hand, the number and complexity of issues that you are bringing before the court will also affect how long the process takes. If you file your petition for divorce but have made no progress in reaching a reasonable property settlement, it will probably require several court appearances—spanning several months, most likely—for the court to determine an equitable allocation. If your child-related concerns are equally unresolved, you should be prepared for a long process.

Tips for Speeding Things Along

Negotiation and cooperation are the primary keys to a faster divorce. Of course, it may be difficult to cooperate with the person to who you no longer wish to be married, but doing so will help expedite the proceedings. Consider working toward a divorce agreement before you even file your petition for divorce. If you can resolve all or most of your issues outside of the courtroom, your divorce may only require a single appearance to finalize the judgment. In most situations like this, your divorce can be processed and finalized in just a few weeks.

In the event you do require the court to intervene and decide certain issues, you can help that process along as well. Show up when required, be fully prepared, and do your best to focus on the facts. Try to avoid letting your disagreement deteriorate into a messy, personal battle. When you are punctual, prepared, and concise, the court will have all the information necessary to make a decision quickly and in accordance with the law. This may take a little more time than a fully negotiated divorce, but it can still be completed fairly quickly.

Work With a Divorce Professional

Finally, working with an experienced Geneva divorce attorney can also help speed up the divorce process. We can help you navigate the proceedings, avoiding unnecessary delays due to missed deadlines or incomplete paperwork. Our understanding of the law can also help you draft an agreement that will be readily accepted by the court, eliminating the need for multiple court dates. Contact The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates today at 630-232-9700 for more information or to schedule an appointment.



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