How to Work with a Guardian ad Litem

Posted on in Child Custody and Support

Laura (Dropbox photo) Kane County divorce attorneyIf a guardian ad litem has been appointed in your custody case, it's important to know how to relate to this individual and what information to provide this person throughout the course of your case. A guardian ad litem is appointed to represent the interests of the children in divorce cases with contested custody. The guardian ad litem will prepare a report. This report will be submitted to the judge to assist with the determination of the final custody order. It goes without saying that your communication with the guardian ad litem should be professional at all times.

To start with, always follow the guardian ad litem's instructions regarding their requested mode of communication and any desired meetings. Typically, your first meeting with the guardian ad litem (GAL) will be an overview of how the process will work and the filling out of a questionnaire that will allow the attorney to obtain the information needed to conduct research. Make sure to include all contact information that is requested by the GAL. It might help to begin a contact sheet of possible references before you interact with the attorney.

Having your own documents in order will greatly assist you in your communication with this lawyer. Be sure to provide copies of all relevant court documents, pleadings, and any orders associated with your case. Staying organized and cooperating with the investigation is the most appropriate way to stay involved. All communication with the GAL should be focused on child related issues.

Obviously, divorce can be an emotionally charged experience, but it is in your best interest to keep conversations with the GAL solely focused around interests of the children. To understand more about how a guardian ad litem works in a child custody case, contact a Kane County divorce attorney today to learn more about what you can expect.


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