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divorce attorney, Geneva family law attorney, Illinois divorce attorney, infidelity, cheating spouse, investigative agency, committing adultery, hiring an Illinois attorney, choosing a divorce attorneyAccording to US News, calculations of men as high as 50 percent will cheat, while only a third of women will do the same. However, clinical data remains sketchy at best.

So what do you do if you suspect your spouse is having an affair? Do you ignore the situation and hope it runs its course? Do you confront your fears and confront your spouse? Or do you hire a private detective to provide the hard core evidence? How you handle your suspicions is entirely your choice. As you contemplate your next move, perhaps having an experienced Illinois divorce attorney on speed dial should also be part of your covert operation.

If you decide to go for the hard-core evidence and want to move forward, how do you go about hiring an investigative firm? For many of us, we may be clueless since it is not something we consider on a daily basis. Before you start making phone calls, consider the following tips.

Organize Your Thoughts

  • Categorize the evidence;

  • Prepare your explanation as to why you believe your spouse is cheating; and

  • Compile an itemized schedule of your spouse’s day to day activities.

Research Your Options

  • Do an online search for private investigators or detectives;

  • Narrow your search for reputable companies within your area;

  • Review the investigator's track record with regard to working with infidelity; and

  • Check the agency’s Better Business Bureau rating.

Compile a List of Questions

  • Is GPS tracking service included in their package?

  • Can they tap your spouse’s cell phone?

  • How will you be informed of updates?

Friendly Advice

  • Inquire if a payment plan is an option;

  • Ensure you can pay the bill without drawing attention from your spouse;

  • Limit the investigation to 30 days and see how it develops; and

  • If the agency is having difficulty proving any concrete evidence, be prepared to end the contract.

Unfortunately, most women have a certain intuition that more often than not, provides them with an unconscious determination on what may be happening with their spouse and with their marriage. Opting to retrieve the cold hard facts may only solidify what they already surmised.

For those who are experiencing this situation in the state of Illinois, yes, infidelity is grounds for divorce according to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5), but is often only grounds for moving forward with the divorce through the no-fault legal process. The final decision is up to you. Either hire an investigative agency to justify your intuition, or consult with an experienced Illinois divorce attorney to discuss your options for closing the case on your marriage.

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