Ex Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Accused of Fleeing Overseas to Avoid Divorce Case

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illinois-fleeing-divorce-caseFormer Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor has allegedly fled the country after being ordered to pay his wife tens of thousands of dollars in temporary support during their divorce proceedings, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The couple filed for divorce last year, and the process has been quite contentious. Arbor’s Chicago divorce lawyers say they do not know where he is, and Arbor has failed to appear in court for months. Frustrated with Arbor’s actions, Judge Thomas Kelly finalized the divorce in early October, awarding Arbor’s ex-wife Antoinette Vigilante $18 million.  He also ordered that Arbor be taken into custody and jailed until he pays an additional $289,000 in overdue spousal support.

Arbor’s attorney has said that he intends to appeal the judgment. According to Arbor, he is an Italian citizen and is currently residing in Europe. He told Reuters during a phone interview that he has entered a federal amnesty program in order to rectify debt owed to the IRS after failing to pay taxes on his considerable overseas assets for the past 30 years. Arbor claims his ex-wife’s lawyers raised the issue during the divorce proceedings in an attempt to blackmail him.

The 2012 divorce filing is the second time Antoinette Vigilante has sought to divorce her ex-husband. She initially filed for divorce from Arbor in 2003, but the proceedings were dismissed in 2009.

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