Illinois Hospitals Attempt to Address Increase in Violence

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Recently, various hospitals, health departments, a community college, and an extended living center all received “Award for Excellence” plaques for addressing domestic violence and sexual abuse as public issues, according to a recent article published by the Illinois Valley News Tribune.

Illinois Health Cares, a state-wide health initiative aiming to decrease domestic violence and sexual assault, presented the awards.  One of the coordinators of a domestic violence and sexual assault service, Christine Chalkey, stated that “Every hospital across the three counties realizes the importance of working together to end violence and should be commended for their collaborative efforts to educate and bring awareness to employees, patients and the public about the bad health effects caused by exposure to violence.”

Chalkey’s program, officially named IHC, works with hospitals and health care professionals to educate the public about the health dangers of domestic violence, sexual assault, and even elder abuse.  Each year more than $ 4 billion is spent for medical care to treat the effects of said domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse.  This fact is one of the driving factors of IHC’s efforts to educate health care professionals, who, in turn, educate the public.

“Health care professionals, as first responders, play a critical role in helping end the cycle of abuse and violence,” Chalkey says.

“It is essential to prepare them to identify, assess, and assist victims with safety planning and provide referrals to needed services.”

Domestic violence and sexual abuse is a problem that affects many individuals, even more than we would probably assume.  If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, an experienced Geneva County Illinois lawyer will be more than willing to help.

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