Is Independent Adoption Right for You?

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Kane County adoption lawyersAdopting a child is one of the most rewarding things a couple can do. Not only are couples able to experience the joy and wonder of having a child, but they also giving a child in need a loving home. There are many different types of adoption available to Illinois residents. Some choose to adopt internationally while others seek a local adoption. Some choose to use an agency and others seek an independent adoption. Independent adoption, or private adoption, involves a direct arrangement between birth parents and adoptive parents. As with all types of adoption, independent adoption has its own advantages and challenges.

Potential Advantages

An independent adoption was portrayed in the 2007 movie Juno. In the film, a young girl gets pregnant unexpectedly and realizes that she is not capable of adequately caring for the baby. She finds a couple who is not able to conceive children, and she begins to arrange for them to adopt her child. This type of adoption process puts the control in the hands of the expectant mother and adoptive couple. They have the time to get to know ach other on a personal level.

A fear that many people seeking to adopt a child have is the chance that the expectant mother and father change their minds. It can be absolutely devastating for a couple to prepare for a new child and then have that child taken away from them. Many adoptive parents seeking an independent adoption hope that by forming a relationship with the birth parent(s), they lessen their risk that the adoption will fall through. Agency adoptions generally do not give birth parents and adoptive parents to meet or interact. Independent adoptions are generally quicker than agency adoptions and often cost less as well.

Possible Disadvantages

One disadvantage that private or independent adoptions have is that there is less support for both sets of parents. Usually, agency adoptions include counseling and guidance for the parents. Such services are not generally included in the independent adoption process. It can also be extremely time consuming and costly for adoptive parents to find the right birth parents. In addition, adoptive parents are often expected to pay the medical bills of the birth mother. As the name implies, independent adoption puts more of the responsibility in the hands of the adoptive and biological parents. Having an independent adoption, of course, does not completely eliminate the risk that the biological mother may change her mind after the baby is born.

Get Help With the Process

Private or independent adoptions involve a number of complicated legal steps. If you wish to pursue an independent adoption, you need an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law. Contact a qualified family law attorney in Geneva for the guidance you need. Call 630-232-9700 today.



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