Keeping Your Weight on Track during a Divorce

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divorce and weight gain, effects of divorce, Geneva family law attorney, marital property, physical side effects of divorce, stress reducing activitiesIf you and your spouse recently decided to call it quits, how you and your body chemistry deal with divorce remains to be seen. For some, there may be a shedding of a few pounds. But for others, the first line of defense is double packing on the pounds by stress eating. One way or another it happens to us all.

As you stress over continual maintenance payments, child support orders, and the division of marital property, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney, assist your children with their concerns, and take care of your own physical well being.

And with that said, the impact divorce has on your body can go either way. There may be days when you forgo eating. Or, there may be days when your new best friend is a quart of ice cream. The team at Harvard Medical School believes that when stress eating is evident, the body’s hormones create havoc due to an increase of high fat or sugar laden comfort foods. The team also suggests that this cycle can increase overeating.

Interestingly, an estimated one-fourth of Americans, who rate their stress levels as high as eight to 10 on a point indexed scale, are victims of comfort food indulgence. For those who have experienced a loss of appetite due to high levels of stress, the body resigns itself to the flight-or-flight response that produces epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Physiologically, the body then demands that you shelve nutritional intake.

So, how can you get a handle on your eating habits? Just take it day by day and consider the following suggestions:

Words are Powerful

Divorce is personal. Take a few minutes per day to express your thoughts in a journal. This can be quite cathartic. It can also be the opportune time to keep a record of your daily caloric intake. You will also be able to monitor and learn more about your triggers to grab a snack or why you decided eating was not as important that day.

Own Your Stress

Deal with your stress head on. Own it. Take a breath and list possible stress reducing activities. Consider a yoga class, walking, meditation, or updating your journal. Staying busy can help dismiss the urge to lunge for the sweets and it will also increase your energy level.

Define Your Support System

Divorce and the additional events created throughout the process are plain and simple, difficult. Legally you have the support and experience of your divorce attorney. However, make it your mission to build a strong personal support system. Relying on your support system can serve as a deterrent to reaching for comfort food. Consider joining a weight loss program or speaking with a licensed therapist. The Mayo Clinic agrees. A therapist can direct your attention to alternative coping skills as you face the difficulties of divorce.

Plain and simple, divorce is difficult. We can help. The Law Office of Douglas B. Warlick has been assisting clients since 1981. With over 30 years of experience, we can concentrate on the most complicated of divorce situations, and leave you with more time to concentrate on family issues and most importantly, your health. If you reside in Kane, Kendall, Dekalb, or DuPage counties and are in need of experienced legal resources, contact us today at 630-232-9700 to schedule your personal consultation with Attorney Warlick.

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