Knowing When to Consider Divorce

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consider divorce, reasons for divorce, Kane County Family Law AttorneyOne of the hardest decisions a person can make it is to end their marriage. For many people, it may take years to finally come to the decision that their marriage is broken and cannot be repaired. Even after making that decision, a person may still struggle with it, wondering whether or not they are doing the right thing.

It can be even more difficult to move forward and file for divorce when there are children involved. A person who is already struggling with conflicting emotions, including guilt and feeling as if they failed at marriage, can find those emotions amplified over the perceived harm they may be doing to their children by divorcing the other parent.

So how does a person know if their marriage is truly over and it is time to walk away?

Family counselors say when there are certain behaviors that exist in your marriage, it may be time to consult with an attorney to consider divorce. These behaviors include:

  • Abuse – If your spouse is abusive to you and/or your children, you need to leave immediately. Unless the abuser seeks professional treatment for his or her behavior, it will not end. In fact, statistically, the abuse will only escalate and grow worse over time.
  • Addiction – If your spouse has an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, he or she may be putting you and your children in danger. These addictions not only wreak havoc on an addict’s life, but also on their loved ones’ lives too. If your spouse refuses to seek help for addiction, consider contacting a divorce attorney.
  • Infidelity – If your spouse continues to be unfaithful and will not seek counseling, that is a clear indication the marriage is not working.
  • Lack of trust – If your spouse hides important information from you or makes critical family decisions without consulting you, this can be a serious problem, especially if these decisions affect the family’s financial or personal well-being. Marriages are supposed to be a partnership, with spouses working together. When cooperation is no longer occurring and counseling has not worked, divorce may be the only option.

If you are considering a divorce, there are many issues that will need to be decided. Every marriage situation is unique, which is why you should contact an experienced Geneva divorce attorney to find out what your options may be.

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