Can Mediation Help with Your Divorce or Child-Related Dispute?

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Geneva family law attorneyFamily law issues, such as divorce or child-related issues (i.e. allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time) are complex legal matters that can emotionally drain and devastate all involved. Mediation – an alternative dispute resolution method that encourages families to work toward a mutually beneficial agreement – can sometimes help parties resolve their matters in a more amicable way. In some instances, parents may even become better communicators if they can manage to find common ground and successfully complete the mediation process. But it is not the right option for everyone.

How Mediation Works

In mediation, there are at least three parties: the disputants (you and your ex) and the mediator. As an impartial party that does not represent one side or the other, the mediator is not able to make a decision about the dispute. Instead, they help facilitate productive communication and help you find common ground so that you can develop a solution for your legal problems. You can, however, seek assistance from your own attorney during this process to help ensure you have considered all aspects of your matter, and that the decisions you make are carefully considered beforehand.

Is Mediation Right for Your Family?

In a perfect world, mediation would be the right solution for everyone. It would help every couple learn how to communicate, ensure that everyone had a solution they could live with, and save couples a lot of time and money on legal fees. But this is not a perfect world, and there are some situations in which mediation may not be a positive or viable solution. One prime example is when there is a history of domestic violence. Here, the process cannot reliably be used without there being the possibility of coercion. Furthermore, victims may not be safe in the same room or building with their former abuser.

Mediation may also fall short if you and your spouse are not willing or able to be completely forthcoming about your situation, objectives, and needs. The process can only be effective if both parties can directly address the matters at hand.

If, however, you and your ex wish to resolve your legal matters amicably, and there are no indications of domestic violence, mediation may be a reasonable solution for your divorce or child-related issue. The team at The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates can evaluate your situation and provide you with skilled representation during the mediation process. To ask how our Kane County mediation lawyers can help with your case, call 630-232-9700 and schedule your initial consultation today.


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